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Coloring Book – testing language comprehension


Welcome to The Coloring Book website


The coloring Book is an new innovative method for assessing children’s language comprehension through a playful coloring game. It can be used by language researchers who wish to investigate which words and which grammatical construction young children already understand. It can also be used by teachers and education professionals who wish to assess the current knowledge and contentious development of the children they are guiding.


The idea is simple: the child hears a sentence, for example “the red monkey is being scratched by the green monkey” and is asked to color the picture accordingly. If the child fills the colors in correctly, we can conclude that they already understand passive constructions. If the child doesn’t understand passive constructions yet, they will color the picture so that the red monkey scratches the green monkey.




When testing vocabulary, the child hears a sentence such as “the tractor is red”. If the item is colored correctly, we can conclude with high certainty that this child already knows the meaning of the word tractor.





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