Coloring Book: Testing Language Comprehension

Using Coloring Book for education

If you are thinking about using the Coloring Book method to develop an education tool, we are open to helping you think about all the possibilities.

The Coloring Book method has proven to be so useful, that it has been used for educational purposes. We have developed a vocabulary observation instrument for Dutch, called KleurenSchat. This instrument takes the form of a game, which children can play on the pc or tablet, often without any supervision. The child hears an instruction through their headphones and colors the asked object on the screen. If the child picks the correct object, we can conclude with high certainty that the child has the asked word in their receptive vocabulary.

Tools like KleurenSchat are very valuable to education,
since they make it easier for teachers to get
an indication of a child’s language development over time

The Coloring Book method forms a foundation for tools like KleurenSchat. We, the authors of the Coloring Book, feel that there are many more possibilities to use this method in educational tools.