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The Coloring Book

About The Coloring Book

The Coloring Book is an application developed especially for linguistic research on language comprehension. Participants hear a sentence and are being asked to color a specific part of the coloring picture. We believe it is a more natural way of doing research with children, L2 speakers, and various populations of language impairments since it is:

  • Natural: a comman and normal setting
  • Unconscious: Just coloring or thinking they are performing a memory test
  • Automatic: Assign first reference that comes to mind
  • Active: Actually do something
  • Well-formed input: Include only grammatical input, no ‘forced’ interpretations
  • Unnoticeable purpose: Real purpose easily concealed – subjects focus on the coloring/memory
  • High vidality: Not listening or understanding will show immediately
  • Various target-groups: The same test can be used with children (coloring game) and adults (memory test)
  • Feels like a game